Introducing the all-new DUO Brand Stun 1 tire

DUO Brand’s all-new, all-purpose premium rubber tire is based on the popular Stunner design. Chris Doyle and Van Homan both swear by the original Stunner. The new Stun 1 2.35” is a bigger, more modernized version. DUO upgraded the tread to withstand the bigger impacts and increased demands of today’s riding.

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BACK IN STOCK! DK Random Wrench

This is the original all-in-one BMX tool.

The DK Random Wrench includes a tire lever, 15mm pedal wrench, 6, 8, and 10mm nut cut-outs, 15 and 17mm deep sockets, 5 and 6mm hex bit drivers, a 3/8” extension for pegs, and a spoke wrench “stowage” end cap.

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